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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Old Post on Living Colorfully

I've realized that when we have a lot of posts that the older ones don't get perused much after....oh, say, 10 or 20 posts and I have almost 400 so you may not have seen or read this one. But some of them are noteworthy. This one goes back to June of 2007 and I think is noteworthy to repeat. So if you've seen it sorry........just read it again for a reminder of beautifying your home office.

When I talk the talk, I walk the walk so to speak. I cannot tell other people to do this or that if I don't do it! But I always practice what I tell others when it comes to decorating. I love color as you probably know by now. In my kitchen, living and family rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, office - everywhere. So this tip is about your home office. For so many years people thought that their office or computer room had to be utilitarian and boring. Not so today. Femininity, softness and genteelness has entered into our everyday existence in the form of lovely offices. Mine is truly a shabby, chic, girly office. Here I've got a pale birch file cabinet in which I have my household accounts in the top, but the bottom drawer is for my personal files. Again, the file folders are pink and purple No need to have those old green or manila ones when these are available. Then the envelopes also can be colored as seen here. I used pink and purple again, but they come in other colors. Then my daughter bought me some beautiful file folders with roses and strawberries on them. I adore them. So pretty to look at and colorful yet utilitarian. Live colorfully!!


  1. Good Thinking!!
    Love your idea on the colourful files.
    I am now INSPIRED!

  2. My office is best described as "Manila Bland". Thanks for the colorful ideas.

  3. I agree with you Connie! I use colorful file folders in my office at home and at work. I have pink, purple, turquoise and yellow. It's such fun!!

    Can't believe you have over 400 posts! Geeze!!! I'll have to go back and read some of the older ones. I've been reading you since April, but I shall go back into your archives and see what other tidbits you've shared. Thanks!!

  4. I need to update my boring office..thanks for the suggestion to live colorfully!


  5. I love the ones with roses on them. I might have to scout the office supply stores. Do you know where she got them?


  6. I love your colorful file folders great idea, but look who came up with it. Connie for my fashion show you don't have to model, just post something of fashion. I posted some ideas on today's post. Please join us. Deb

  7. Hello Darling!

    Yes I fully agree with you. My office space was so dull and dreary but now it's getting a make over with cottage pink chic. I love it already and can't wait for it to be finished!

    I'm going to have to look for some of those pretty file folders.


  8. Oh how I needed this inspiration, cause you can't enter my craft studio without a HAZMAT SUIT! It was a beautiful guest room till my son took the furniture when he moved. Then I started storing a box here a box there and before I knew it the room has no room. I love your *GIRLY* colors. I think it helps the creative process. I like the lace trim on the shelves. It added the right pizzaz!
    My latest post reminded me of how you like the dentist and visit every 4 months! :0 You'd never guess I actually had a career in the dental field LOL!


  9. Hi Connie,
    I agree - that other stuff is so boring and why do I want my office to look like the other business office I used to work in? Now I've got a choice and I want it cute.

    I love those file folders your daughter gave you, they are darling!


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