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Sunday, July 20, 2008

This is Scary, Dudettes!

The name of the catalog is Soft Surroundings.

I've mentioned this before. Love Bunny and I have a special arrangement. He goes to model railroad conventions with me in tow, of course, or his model RR club here in town on wednesday nights for an hour or so and on saturdays for most of the day. It's his relaxation and I try to promote him relaxing. HOWEVER, my part in this is that I get to go and "spend money"!! Squeeeeeeallll, my sweet chicks!! :-) Well, that's exactly what I did today.

(An aside here explaining "dudettes":
One day when my oldest grandson - now 24 - was about 4 or 5 years old, he called me "Dude." I calmly looked at him and corrected him politely: That's "Dudette" to you, Adam. He mostly calls me Nana but if he slips and calls me "Dude", I remind him it's "Dudette." I am, after all, a girl/chick! *Smile* No political correctness in this family whatsoever!) Anyway, back to spending money.

As I was in WM today I spied this little mirror that said it magnifies 15x. Well, kiss my grits, if that ain't special! I took off my "reading" glasses and held it to my face and took a look. I just about tossed my cookies right there in the cosmetic aisle of WM!! Talk about scary! Whooooooa, chicks! Hooooo.... Since I can't see up close without my reading glasses and I can't pluck my eyebrows except if the errant hair is falling in my eyes it startled me so badly I slowly lowered the mirror to my chin and lo and behold there was a close up of what all the peeps in WM were seeing - chin hairs! It was nasty, I tell ya, n a s t y!! If you doubt me, check out the pix below. My nose, my "frosted" hair (interpretation: gray among the ash brown!) and those green eyes. You can even see the soft peach fuzz on my nose! No, in the 3rd pix the long hairs aren't my brows that's actually my short fluffy hair. And just YOU try photographing yourself in a magnified mirror while holding it with the camera to the side or top of your head and see how easy this is.........NOT!!

Okay, on to "prettier" things! Whew......... I get a catalog from a company I've bought from before and just love it. My bed cover is like the one in the 1st pix below and I just love it. It's soooo dreamy and ethereal. Out of this world loveliness.

But as I've said before I love pink and golden yellow together and the 2nd pix is a lovely throw in that catalog, which is simply "eye candy" for home furnishings and clothes and high end makeup.

This is another absolutely stunning bed covering also. So thin and lacy looking that it almost looks like it's barely there. And the shams?!?!? Gorgeously pleated.

And this is a pix of the curtains. Again, soft and airy looking. Aren't they just gorgeous? I'd love to have them but I'm bottomed out on sheers and lace curtains. Hmmmmmm, well, we'll see!
That's it for now.......gotta go pluck my eyebrows and shave my chin hairs. Yeoooowwww.........


  1. Yeoooooooowwwwwwww is right!!! LOL!! Leave it to WM, their lighting and 15x magnifying mirrors to show our best side!!!

    ~Blessings, Dudette!!


  2. OH CONNIE!!! I TOO love that first bed and I for some reason get that catalog. I have never ordered out of it but I sure do love that bed!!!! It's like something out of a Castle with a Princess!!!
    Hugs and Love,
    Amy (Mom to the Four Sisters)

  3. HI Connie, what catalog is that? That stuff looks amazing! Jen R

  4. You are to funny. Thankfully the world doesn't look at us through 15X magnifying glasses.


  5. LOL Connie....Reminds me of the days when I sold cosmetics!!! We only used a magnifying else we gonna see ALL those chin hairs & bushy eyebrows!! And now I have one firmly on my mirror in my bathroom:)heheheh...scares me sometimes though!!
    The bed pics are gorgeous!!! gonna have to check that magazine out!
    How did the pillow search come out? Hope you found some!!!
    It is sooooo HOT here in OK. this week...Staying inside mostly..wishing I was out on my porch with my pillows on my chair....reading a book:)
    Hugs sweetie!

  6. Connie, I could use a mirror like that, I only get a chance to see how horrible things are going when I enter a dressing room and get a good look. I was very happy to learn that those were not your eye brows. :O) I thought to myself that the mirror had come just in the nick of time LOL! Well anyway I'm going somewhere today to find a mirror like that! I'm positive I have more than enough chin hair to conquer. I love the things you featured from your magazine and would love to have the name of it, the things are lovely. Deb

  7. Ha ha Ha ha ha ha ha...she is laughing so hard she is crying. She being me. I know all about magnifying mirrors. I have a huge one attached to the wall next to the regular bathroom mirror. It swings out for close inspection. When my son was home recently he noticed it and used it and even he...being a youngin didn't like what he saw. I heart you for showing the bedspreads. I have been in the market for a new one for about year now but just never saw anything that I truly loved....but I have now. I am going right over to their website and order the catalog. Have a great day Connie. ~ Lynn

    By the way. You say you have a 24 yr. old grandson. You don't look old enough to have a 24 yr. old son!

  8. Tee hee! I also have one of those mirrors! My first thought was "YIKES! You mean to tell me I was walking around looking like this?" It shows you things you never dreamed you'd see on your face! However, now that I'm used to it, and it's not so scary anymore, I'm glad I have it, because at least I can see to do the work I need to do!!!

  9. Connie, you always leave me such wonderful blog posts. Thank you for all your inspiration and love.

    I just loved the Pink and Golden Throw. Gorgeous.

    BTW, Lucky me, I never have to pluck eyebrows again. I had electrology on them when I was 20 and they are still perfect 32 years later! lol

    xo Cath

  10. thanks for the info...i am NEVER going to view my face with magnification...LOL!!! what gorgeous things in that catalog...i am going to check that out for sure...the bedding and curtains are really TDF!!!

  11. Connie, you toooooooooooooooo funny! I don't want a mirror like that. I can see enough of my imperfections with my bad eyes! lol

    Well, just loved your linens from the catalong. Dreamy and lacy stuff!
    Hope you've had a wonderful day!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  12. Oh My CONNIE
    You are just a HOOT and I LOVE your humor :):) You make me laugh, which is good for our souls :) I know you have lots of goodies, but just in case, I'm having a little give away. Come Visit. I also have to pluck those wild facial hairs, yuk. At least we can still see them. Warmly, Deb

  13. Oh Miss Connie, you got me laughing and rolling off my chair!

  14. Connie, that bed cover is awesome!! And that headboard, OMG, wish I had the whole room, so pretty!! Please share what catalog this is from.

  15. great self are too funny, I tell you...too funny...

  16. You're killing me! You are too funny. I'm so avoiding those mirrors. I don't want to get scared. hehe

  17. Connie these are all so pretty! I love the bedskirt draping on the floor, I'd like to get one but I'm not sure how that would go over with Molly the Newf. She might come in with her big feet and get it dirty! LOL Love the magnifying glass and what a cute story about your grandson!
    Love Ya, SHirl
    Shirls Rose Cottage

  18. Hi Connie, I can just see you in WM holding the camera in one hand and the mirror in the other..hahaha

    I have a mirror like that and I forgot about having it til seeing your post. I must of hid it real good !
    Come see me sometime.


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