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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Remodel Day #2

First of all, I want to show you my Giveaway Win!! I cannot tell you all how thrilled I was to win this little beauty!!!!!!!!! It's one of my favorite things now. I so appreciate this wonderful little cake plate or dessert server and the huge rose that came with it.

Mr. Bob had this done within about 3 to 3 1/2 hours last night. The remodel is coming along just fine! Not much mess at all from this part, but he was very careful to put up plastic sheets to help hold down the "mess" and I appreciated that. Ooops, I see a strip of blue tape stuck to the wall in the pix below this one.

Just thought I'd "throw in" these faux desserts as a bit of "eye candy" for ya chicks!! :-) I spend an entire 2 days just making these things. Ya never know what I'll do with them. ;-)

I heard someone the other day refer to "young wives" of "older men" as "arm candy" and I had to chuckle, I tell ya. I've always told Love Bunny if he did that to me when I die I'll haunt him till the day HE dies!! And I would, too. Trust me on this one! I truly do not even believe he would dishonor me like that though.


  1. Don't you just love those cake plates . I think they are so cute . Everytime I go to a garage sale I find myself turning stuff over and sitting something on it to see what it looks like . LOL
    I spent $ 28.00 in a thrift store the other day on glass stuff. I have gave 2 away for gifts and they just loved them . Have a blessed day Connie .

  2. Glad to see all is coming along with the remodel.

    Gee, that cake dish is beautiful!! I love it, too! tasty those little delites look!!


  3. Hi Connie,
    The remodel's really moving along quickly.

    Love the giveaways you received - so pretty and that rose is huge, very pretty my dear.

    Love the "arm candy" comment - I'll have to remember that while taking one of my walks (I'll have a little giggle to myself on behalf of you!).

    Happy day and that faux candy's looking good chick!

  4. WOW Connie, your remodel is coming along fantastic. What an opener for the area. You will really enjoy it. I can see you painting the cabinets next. LOL!!
    Love your eye candy. Looks so real!
    Congrats on your win too. That treasure is just darling. It is perfect in your home! Hope Nan is okay and no damage from the earthquake!
    HUGS, Celestina
    la rea rose

  5. Hi Connie...your remodeling is coming along very nicely...looks fabulous!!! I simply adore the cake plate...I might have to try making some as gifts.

    Those little delites look yummmmyy!!!


  6. Hi Connie,
    Very sweet giveaway that you won!!Remodeling going good :):) Faux candies looking good :):). It looks like a GOOD day. Come visit me..I posted about some pretty pillows :):) Warmly, Deb

  7. Afternoon, Connieness! What a precious little cake plate! Your remodel is going well, I see! Those little sweetnesses look so tasty! Hope you're staying out of trouble!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. What a darling cake plate...and the rose is lovely too! My favorite color of pink....Thank you for all your visits to my blog, Connie! You're a real sweetie! :)

  9. The "Give-a-way" you won is so cute, I love that great big perfect rose.

    Your carpenter is doing a very nice job and so little mess, your very lucky. It's going to look so good when the project is completed.

  10. Your remodel looks like is is going great! Remodeling is always so messy, but it is going to be wonderful when its done!

    Love your sweet candies...yummy looking!

  11. Wahoo! it's coming along. I'll bet your excited. So what are you going to put on the wall? Still your Grandfather clock?
    Yes, call your son...they say this shaker was felt all the way to Vegas. Crazy Crazy! I think my teeth are still rattling.
    I've an aunt who moved from Cali for this very reason...

  12. I am still roaring over what you told "Love Bunny" what you would do to him if he hooked up with a younger chick! I might have to steal that term of endearment(LB), too, cuz it is a winner! Your cake plate is wonderful--as are your "pretend" candies! Maybe I could lose some weight if I had more of that type of temtation around! Have a good day!

  13. Hi Connie, Oh how I don't envy you with your remodel. I've had to go through that before and it's not fun, but I must say, you will be so proud and glad when it's over.
    Your treasures you won are fantastic.

  14. Your remodel is great. It makes me want to get started again - but "Hubby" says, "No more." We'll see! You received some wonderful giveaways. Beautiful!

  15. Hi Connie :)

    That cake plate is darling!

    The construction is coming along nicely. I hate the dust, but it's unavoidable. It's going to look great!


  16. hi connie....had to stop in and visit you again after finding your blog through the favorite things tour! i love the little cake plate you won..too cute. very creative, too! so happy for you getting more wall space..woohoo..more pretties to hang!


    p.s. had to look over the little treats you first i thought they were real!

  17. Woow, those look really good enough to eat! I am excited to see where your project is going..Jen R

  18. Your renovations are going to look fantastic Connie
    Loved the cake dish - great idea
    Yum to the little hand made delights

  19. Wow what a lovely prize you won! good luck with the remodeling, looks like it is coming along well!

  20. Your wall is comming along great! I can't wait to see what you put on the wall when its all done. I love the arch wall going to the other room. Your home is so pretty!
    Have a great day,

  21. The cake dish is adorable! And good luck with the remodel. Mr. B is never short of ideas for remodeling the house and we've lived through it all without killing each other or getting a divorce! The end result is always worth the mess, inconvenience and bother. We want to see "done" pics, OK?


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