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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Pink Corner Shelf Redo

I got an email from a lady in Texas who said that her mother-in-law and I were the only 2 people she knew who had a "dislike" list and tripe was on it!! I had to laugh. If you're clueless, scroll down my blog and on the left side you'll see "things I'm not too fond of"– read it and you'll understand. In fact, I doubt most people read the sidebars on blogs. I do!!

I couldn't help myself; I had to paint it white. The pepto-bismol pink color was a tad too much for me. Oh, I love that color, just wasn't sure I wanted that strong a color on such a big piece of furniture in my room. So I repainted it this morning. I can add some decals later, but I had to do this quickly since we leave for Calif. tomorrow morning. Hubs will be pleased I think.

I'll also be posting from the road! Hey, I can't let all you sweet little chickees down, can I?!?! Hah..... Maybe I'll post my daughter's house and my son's house or some fabulous shop I may stop at along the way. That is if I can get Love Bunny to stop long enough. It's usually stop for gas, hurry to the bathroom, grab a bite and eat in the car so we can get there! We don't have the kids crying any more for dad to stop so they can go potty. Now it's ME crying with my face drawn back like we're at mach 10 speed driving through the Nevada desert to stop for a potty break! Well, at least it smoothes out the wrinkles!

Then while putting away a freshly ironed tablecloth, I spied these little salt and pepper shakers. Now, I believe in having shakers in 3 places when I have company - one set in the middle of the table and 1 set on one corner and the last set on the opposite corner. That way no one has to say "please pass the salt and pepper"!! I told you I'm OCD about things and the comfort of people in my home is upper most in my mind when they visit. But aren't they cute? I have 4 set though purchased many years ago. So I'm going to list these on the selling blog – La Maison Rose. Oh, and some of you may notice I added some "grass" to the other little pedestals. I think it looks kinda neat!


  1. Have a safe trip. Watch that speed-hehe.


  2. Have a great time!!!

    You always make me laugh...with people not reading the side-bars on Blogs! That's one of the first things I look at.

    OCD? Because you provide 3 sets of S&P shakers on your dining table??? Tell me it ain't so!!! PLEASE?? please??? Cuz...cuz...I provide a S&P set for EACH person at my table!!! (I have 8 little matching sets!) LOL!!!


  3. You are too funny and your paint brush are joined at the hip..I do like the white on that shelf better then the pink..tooo are you heading our way for the holiday? have a happy and safe 4th...
    Gina :)

  4. Hi, I'm Shelia and new to blogging. Came upon you visiting some of the same sites I go to and thot I would say hello. "Hello"! You're a hoot - I like hoots. Well, your little corner shelf is just precious. I scrolled down a bit to look at it in all it's pinkness and I too think it's cuter white! Have a wonderful trip and when you get home come and visitn me sometimes.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  5. Hi Connie, your just crack me up. I love everything as always. I have those same pedestal bell domes and love them. Have a great trip, be safe and enjoy.
    la rea rose

  6. Connie....Love the shelf white hon!!! Soooo cute...I must admit...I am loving your blog...espcially after a hard days work....when I can Laugh out loud!!!! LOL :)
    Be careful on the road sweets!
    Have a wonderful time & I will look forward to blogs on the trip!!! Wooo Hooo

  7. Just a wonderful blog and that shelf...well it is remarkable and I love the stands with the glass covers. Have fun this holiday.
    Visit my blog and sign up for the free give away where it is posted.

  8. Know you will have a wonderful trip. Can't wait to hear about it. Darrell does me the same way, always in a hurry when we travel.
    Blessing for your journey.

  9. Your shelf looks very pretty. Hope you have a wonderful trip, enjoy the journey!

  10. Have a great trip Connie. Love the shelf painted white

  11. Hello again...I do not know how to exchange links but send it to me and I have a friend that can do this for me. What do you need from me for a link? I will have her send it to you. Send this info to me in an email to Thank you Love your comments how everything will turn white when your husband takes a business trip...wish he could take Caey along...I would like to paint about seven rooms white and lots of furniture including an old antique organ which I saw once in one of those cottage set ups.
    Have a great FOURTH OF JULY.

  12. I love love love those bell jars!

  13. Connie. this is my second attempt to tell how much I love your post. Fun and enjoyable as always.



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