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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

More Daughter's House

More pix of daughter's house, more roses and back deck.

This is a dresser she painted and put in her living room with her "partial" collection of teacups.

This is to the left of the above dresser in living room.

This is the dining area. I gave her this old round table and 4 chairs. She kept it as it was originally then about 2 or 3 years ago painted it a very pale pink.

A very pretty rose in a pot on her back deck/porch.

I thought you'd like to see the fountain on. I love the "tinkle" of water!

Another rose in a box in back near fence.

Can you see how I want some of the stuff back there?!?!?! I may have to shoot her first though! She has 2 wicker settees back there. Couldn't I have one?!?!

Another look at the dining area and old table and chairs and her collection of Old Country Roses dishes. She has 24 place settings!

A look at the other side of her living room. She got that sofa from Layla Grace and is an original Shabby Chic from Rachel Ashwell. Very pretty.
Okay, that's most of the tour. When I get back there this weekend I'll see if there is something else you might enjoy seeing. Maybe the bunny bedroom???? Hmmmmmm?????? Now you might want to visit her website: Manicformosaics.


  1. Like mother, like daughter. She also lives beautifully.

  2. LOVE IT, absolutely LOVE IT!! Your daughter has LOADS of teacups and saucers, as do I. She also has the BESTEST taste in China, with the Old Country Roses (as do I!) LOL!!! I love how she painted the old dining room set the pale pink!

    And all the teacups on our TEA PARTY day, what could be better!!!


  3. Good morning Connie :)

    Your daughter's home is darling! Her garden is gorgeous!! All the roses... beautiful :)

    I'm glad you made it safely to California. Have fun!


  4. Oh Connie, I know how proud you must be of her!! As they say "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree"!!!!


  5. Dear Connie! Your are just the hootiest of hoots! I just love you! Thanks for stopping by my tea party! Oh, your daughters home is so lovely. She has lots of tea cups and I love her dishes. I have always wanted those. Maybe if I were to go to her house with a big bag, when her back is turned, load up at leat a service for 4 - she wouldn't miss them since she has so many. Would she? Oh, I see that cow again hinding behind the fountain!
    Be a sweetie today,
    Shelia ;)

  6. Looks so pretty! Thanks for visiting my blog! You are right, my husband was (is) a Marine, we met when he was assigned to the American Embassy in Lisbon as a Detachment Commander!! Take care!

  7. So pretty! My favorite thing, is the old window hanging on the patio. What a grand idea, (she is he mother's daughter). Would love to have some of those dishes too!

  8. Your daughter has done such a great job with her docorating! I just love the dining room, and the little shed from your last post is adorable!

  9. Roses, roses everywhere. And, roses are a good thing. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Love that pale pink set she painted!! She has so many wonderful goodies!!! I can tell that she has your taste!!!
    (were you able to bring anything back in your suitcase??)
    She has a lovely home and patio/garden!!

  11. What a darling place! Glad you're having a good time =) Blessings...Polly

  12. Nan is so lucky to have such a beautiful home & I see touches of her sweet mom everywhere I look! Hmmm, we could use a few extra pieces of OCR. Think you could pack a few away in a suitcase?!?!

    Love you,
    Angelic Accents

  13. Lovely!
    I love the backyard especially. Thanks for visiting my bloggity blog!
    I promise I won't keep my secret a secret for toooo long.

  14. Oooh Connie! Your daughters home is soo shabby beautiful!! Everything looks so sweet and gorgeous! Love the back patio! :)
    XO, Jenn

  15. Your daughter's home is beautiful! She gained her creativity from YOU!

  16. This is all so pretty! I love every corner of it. The back yard is gorgeous as well!

    Have FUN!!!


  17. We are now adding another porch on, the one on your post is the model. Love it. Also, adore how you might have to go about getting a settee. I have a watercolor that says, "I haven't had my coffee yet so don't make me kill you." We think alike and should definitely remain unarmed.- :)
    Blessings & Hugs,

  18. oh what a beautiful creative...first time at your blog and LOVING it..I will be back...promise...

  19. Saucy said it for me "like mother, like daughter"! Bet you have no problem buying gifts for her! Rachaelxo


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