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Monday, June 30, 2008

Tickled Pink!

I'm just tickled pink over what I finally got in the mail today! Three little metal lacy looking pedestals for showing off pretty things. Take a look at what I selected to put in them in the first picture, my sweet little chickadees. Plus they were on sale for an absolute "steal"!

Plus I walked over to a neighbor's garage sale this weekend and she gave me those little salt and pepper shakers on the right side! We'd given her a big "pine-type" tree; at least, I think it's pine. Something like a Scotch pine only the needles aren't quite as long. Anyway, it was too close to our house and couldn't find any place else to put it and I wasn't too keen on that tree anyway - not much shade. So we asked them and they were thrilled to put it in their back yard. So she brought down a "pink" lily a few days ago and then these salt and pepper shakers. I've painted them pink and just may put them in my store. They are very pretty and elegant looking but I truly don't need any more!

Then I just wanted to show you the little tag tree with some pretty silk roses in it. I might do something else also, just not quite sure yet.

Plus I gotta tell you chickadees that I finally couldn't stand it any more!! I finally told hubby to look at the LR window and see if he noticed anything different. I knew from the look on that face that it was one of "let's not play this game again" looks, so I told him I liked him better when he drank! Puzzled, he looked at me. I said "you were more chuckly when you had a scotch and water." I guess it kind of sobered him a bit because he then chuckled. I'm just a wild and craaazzzzy gal!!!! Anyway, he didn't notice so I told him about the curtains. He just doesn't notice and I think I'd better give up before he tosses me out into the front fountain or I "toss my cookies" from suspense! Oh, we gave up the little alcohol we DID drink when we joined the church. Nuuuuuu, we're not alcoholics and never were unless you consider 3 drinks a year for me and 1 drink a month for him.


  1. Omg.. thats the pedestals that I am eyeing in eBay.. isn't it beautiful? I love the pedestals.. btw your hubby still didn't realize the curtain.. hehehehehe.. oh boy!.. :D

  2. What pretty pink pedestals.
    They look so sweet
    Funny how the guys don't notice changes we make

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE those sweet stands & domes!! OH they are gorgeous!! I havent seen anything like that here that really sucks!! I see you have one of Kat's (pink Rose pastries) cakes in the dome I have her stuff all over the place here I love her Gorgeous work!!
    OMG I LOVE those stands!! and the tree is TOOO cute!!

  4. Oh Connie; I love all your goodies, so beautiful. What a sweet neighbor you have. Well it's about time your hubby looked at the LR. window, even if you had to tell him. haha. Good Job girlfriend.

    have a great week


  5. Your pedestals are absolutely stunning! WOW! I have never seen anything like that before! I posted a photo of the decorative clothespins on my blog today. They are sooo cute! Thanks again!

  6. ok sweetie i am hopping in my jet right now and flying over to your house to steal those pretty pedestals! If Mandii is lucky i may drop one in to her on the way back over, LOL.
    They are soooo gorgeous! I really really really love them.

    Hmm maybe i shouldnt have told you im coming....silly blonde me.

    Luv Ya
    Shann xx :)

  7. Oh those are too adorable!!!! where did you find them??? Love the display too!!!

  8. I just LOVE those darling pedestals. I so want some! I love the things you put in them too.

    What a nice neighbor to give those salt and peper shakers to you too.

    Hey, be thankful your husband doesn't notice things. He could be one of those that sees everything and then harps on you for buying them.



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