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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Tagged by the Vickster!!

Miss Vickie from our group has tagged me. I must tell 5 things about myself and tag 5 others. So here goes:

1. What was I doing 10 years ago? I was not into blogging for sure! I was just staying home and fulfilling a calling in my church with the young women.

2. Five things on my "To Do" list:
Clean my desk off inside and out
Decorate some clothespins
Make some cute laundry bags
Wallpaper the outside panels of my kitchen cabinets
Call for an appointment for a massage!!!!!

3. Snacks I enjoy: pretzels, popcorn, mocha ice cream and potato chips

4. Things I would do if I were a millionaire:
Invest most of it
Give some to kids
Add on a craft room to this house

5. Five places I have lived:

Okay, now I have to tag 5 people! I'm tagging
Dolly of frommycherryheart
Rhea of sweetnshabbyroses
Niki of nostalgiaatthestonehouse
Winter of sophisticatedrose
Susie Q of rabbitruncottage


  1. Hi Connie, Just recieved your email! I most certainly will add you to my sidebar! What a fun site! Now onto serious business!! Did you happen to notice we sure have alot of the same things in our homes!! The silk scarf I seen on your home photos, the one soft blue with roses, the petal cake, the white quilt with pink roses and much more!! I will get back alittle later this week and check out your older posts! Awesome coffee filter roses too! Take care, Lori

  2. Thanks for sharing, Connie.
    Hugs, Vickster

  3. If you lived in those five states... which was your favourite, and why?

  4. I would have to say California because it's where I spent most of my life. AND it is truly a wonderfully beautiful state. Oceans, mountains, deserts, mild climates in most parts of the state. Smelling the orange trees and the flowers. My kids are there. There's a "feeling" you get when there. Yes, it can get a little crazy but it's the place I identify with the most. I absolutely love California - even with all the zaniness that goes on there. I just get a feeling that is indescribable when there. I love to return to our home in Idaho now when visiting, but California will ALWAYS have a special place in my heart.

  5. That massage and Mocha ice cream sure sounds good! Thanks for sharing,


  6. Oops, I see where you have already been tagged!!!!

    Nope, we sure weren't blogging 10 yrs. ago. Probably had more time.....

    Angelc Accents


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