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Sunday, June 15, 2008

A "Rosey" Happy Fathers Day to All Men!

One more thing. I remember a poem on this father's day that I heard many years ago and I just cry and SOB every time I hear it again. Click to go there and read it from June of last year: Poem

Happy Father's Day to all you fathers, grandfathers and future fathers. You're gonna love it, sweet men!

Okay, I finished 6 little faux cupcakes yesterday and the day before. Hubby kept wondering what was keeping me so busy! But I just love cute for "eye candy" and we ALL know how I feel about "eye candy"!! And these I scented with Crabtree & Evelyn oil of roses and do they smell luscious, I tell ya.....uh huh!!! You should smell this house. I can only get her oils when I go to Seattle to visit with "gorgeous granddaughter" aka GGD or back to California to visit with daughter and son. So I hoard it passionately! Hah

Oooooh and my Apple Mighty Mouse is working again! Dilemma solved. Now, as Ronda says, I can keep my $50 and spend it on yard sale finds or more roses of some sort for this house. Definitely my kinda chick!!


  1. Oh I have never tried that oil...I will have to find some here.
    Woo hoo $50 bucks you can do some serious junkin' with that!!!

  2. Those are the prettiest "faux" cupcakes I've ever seen!!!!


  3. Yeah, the captchas are very long today; I noticed that (and swore at it ha ha!) when I was catching up this morning.

    As for the google reader, also check out blogger's new blog roll feature that they introduced earlier this month.

    One of the ways you can sort the display is by those with newest content. Since I check my blog more than I check my reader, it's been very handy since I rolled everything over a couple days ago.

    You can find the new tool on your blog layout page. As you are setting it up, you can tell it to transfer everything from your google reader automatically, and then you just add the others manually.

    OK, that last part was a pain in the sit-upon, but it's a handy feature now that it's up and running.

    OK, back to the easel! Happy sunny day to you!

  4. Connie, those little cupcakes are delicious! Deb

  5. Happy Father's day to your DH and Son. Love the cupcakes! Yay-computer fixed. What did we do before them?

    hugs to you,

  6. Hi Connie... Sure do love those adorable cuppie-cakes you made! Way cute!! Thanks for sharing...

    And a Happy Father's Day to your Husband and the other loved men-folk in your life! God bless...



  7. Those cuppies are really cute!!! I just love the colors.

  8. Darling cupcakes. I hope you have a wonderful week.


  9. Hey Connie I found your blog through another, I love your faux cupcakes!
    Love, Ann

  10. YUMMY! They do look pretty real.
    Have a great day.

  11. Connie, What darling faux cupcakes and such cute eye candy they are.. I too LOVE eye candy!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving me the sweet birthday comment.
    Hugs & love ~Mary~:-}

  12. Connie!!!! THOSE are adorable!!! I am sure they smell just a yummy!

  13. Happy Fathers day to your sweet hubby!
    Hope you two had a nice fathers day!
    We had the kids over, and ate dinner in the courtyard! It was very nice and somewhat romantic! The waterfall in the back ground with butterflys and dragon flys buzzin around, the birds singing, yummy food!

    Miss Connie you amaze me!
    I love love love your cute cuppy cakes! They are sooooo darn sweet!
    You are so creative!

    Luvs ya,

  14. Precious! I am cupcake crazy. I hope you are selling these on your other site. Let me go check.

  15. Your faux cupcakes are so adorable! You make me want to stop what I am doing here at work today and go home a SEW. I guess I won't be doing that though. :-(

  16. Connie, these pincushions are just ADORABLE!!! Oh how I love them so! I predict they will be great sellers for you!!! You have really got your creative mojo going on!!!!

    Big Hugs,
    Angelic Accents


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