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Saturday, June 28, 2008

My Patio Redo & Sale Finds Today!

I scheduled my "Pink Saturday" a few days ago so I wouldn't have to post today. Actually, I schedule several posts in advance in case something comes up. I LOVE doing it this way. Anyhooooo, here I am at the end of a fast-paced day telling you my drama!! No, not really...... I am SOOOOOO not a drama queen!!!! I say in my best "Valley Girl Voice"!! Hah. Plus I want to show you all my best finds today at "yard sailing"! Ooooh, you are going to be sooooo jealous, my chittering chimps, soooo envious..........

I see some bloggers sharing their renovations: kitchens, houses, decks, baths and so on, so I've decided to share with you all the pathetic back yard we have. We moved in to this new construction 3 years ago next month. We sodded the front yard and it's lush, green and luxurious. The back yard - not so much! We hydroseeded that. I'm not sorry because it was a lot cheaper but the difference in the grass is a big difference. We've been extremely busy with the rest of the house and you chicks who have moved will follow me on this one! It's never finished, right?!?! Nuuuuuu, takes us a looooooooong time to get it the way we want.

I bought these sheer voile panels for $7.50 a piece and Love Bunny put up the brackets, purchased the pipe and here we have it for tonight. I love the romantic feel. Ooooh, noooooooo, my sweet cherubs, I'm definitely not done. The bike goes! The bird poo gets cleaned off the patio. The table will be replaced with a square one and I intend to find new pretty chairs for just the 2 of us. If more people come for dinner we'll grab a couple of folding chairs out of the storage shed! This patio is going to be our romantic spot for just US!

Above pix as seen from the fence.

Hubs grape vine. Can you see the panels billowing in the breeze? Aaaaah, love it, my sweets.

My little star jasmine I insisted on having. Actually, there wasn't any "insisting"; hubs loves them too and it reminds us of our home in California. Can you imagine the breeze drifting in through our patio door bringing the scent of that jasmine??? Ummmmm

The grill will have to be moved onto some stones I plan on putting down at the end of the patio.

Now for the big deal of the century.

Look at that oil painting I purchased today for $1.99!!! Yes, you read that right - $1.99! I love, LOVE, LoVe it! Isn't it exquisite?!?! I'm not going to frame the canvas, just hang it on the wall when we're through with the renovation. Ooooh, I didn't mention that either. Well, we're changing a half wall into a full wall in the LR area but that's for another time and down the line a few months. I'll have more WALL SPACE to hang more pictures, my love bugs!! Ooooh, be still my heart............. You do KNOW it was the hat with roses that clutched my heart, right?!?!

And this little "tree" for $1.99 also! I was very lucky today. The pot part is clay and was that pottery color but I immediately painted it white. It is going to be hung with something exquisite but I'm not sure yet. Maybe my hang tags people send me??? Don't know exactly for sure yet. But the top is as it was - haven't done a thing to that. I've never seen one like this!


  1. It is never done. Never, ever, ever... And that's okay. Even if you want it all done yesterday like I do. Love the sheers. The beginning of something very over the moon romantic.

  2. How Romantic those sheers are! I can really relate to NEVER being done... Hubby and I have moved a lot in our 27 years of blissful marriage and just about the time I get the walls painted, the curtains hung .. we move. HA! This time we are staying put for a while anyway.. But it is fun a way.. always decorating!

  3. Been busy today in the yard and see that you have been busy too! Love the sheers. Can you leave those out in the rain, etc? You used pvc piping and sheered them out that, right? I love it! I want it! (that's why I'm asking so many questions!)

  4. You did great!!! I love the oil painting!!! That would be a great giveaway one day when you are tired of it:)

  5. I think those sheers are lovely. I can see why it feels so romantic to you.

    I love the smell of jasmine too. That will be great on the nights when you leave your windows open and there is a nice breeze.

    Wonderful painting you found. So pretty and that tree! Well you could hang all sorts of things on there. I can see it done up for each holiday.


  6. Yes, I can see the curtains blowing in the breeze and DH feeding you grapes as you gaze into his eyes............


  7. Wow...I saw the word "sale"... I love a good bargain too! $1.99... I am impressed!

    Have a great day!



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