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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I Went Junkin' Today!!!!

I decided to take a break today and go junkin' or shopping. I found a few little treasures and they sure are cute. This little hanging shoe that could hold a couple of flowers, a couple of candlesticks and a ring of "berries" I might use to make another pretty petal cake. The shoe was chipped but no matter; I'll give it a good and loving home!! :-) I give a "good and loving" home to a lot of stuff!! Just you ask hubby. He's my man!!

And what is it with candleholders that you can't find them any more except in flea markets and thrift stores?????? I thought I'd never find any again. I think it must be the trend of putting potpourri in pots or candle warmers. I do the same thing though. I'll go to Wal Mart and buy a little candle in a small holder and light it in the kitchen. I absolutely love Glade's Angel Whispers!! It is the most delicious fragrance I've smelled - outside of plumeria, of course. But Angel Whispers is a light delicate but definitely distinct fragrance I adore. You might try it next time you're at WM.

And while I was photographing the above items, I looked beside the area I have set up to do my photo shoots and saw this little drawer I snatched several years ago from a yard sale for 50¢ (!)....squeeeaaallllll as Jen says.......and painted it white. I haven't figured out just what I want to do with it yet but it was just sitting there and I've been sticking things in it that I'm putting on my other blog. It looked primed for a "photo shoot" so here it is. "Eye candy" for ya, chickees!


  1. Love your junking goodies! Especially the cute shoe!

  2. Hi COnnie, love all the things you got junkin today! I will have to try that Glade candle. I love Yankee Candles but have no store close by. I have to stock up when we travel. The berry wreath is so pretty. THe shoe is adorable, I love candlesticks too!
    Love You! SHirl
    Shirls Rose COttage

  3. Hello Connie! I love the candles holders! They're so pretty! Hugs and kisses! Vanessa

  4. Love your finds! I love junkin' days! Jen R

  5. You must be the world's best junker! Great stuff -- love those berries!

    Your drawer full of pinkyfoofoo sachets is adorable!

  6. You just have the most creative ideas! I have quit a few candlesticks, I did not know of a shortage! Ohh, maybe an idea here!

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful notions you made with us. The show is adorabe. I have a couple packed away for that day I get creative with them.

  7. Hi Connie,

    Everytime you stop by my blog I get a big smile on my face. I read that you have a very happy home and love to laugh, so it's make me smile when I think of all the frivolity that goes on at your place. Thank you for putting fun into my day. Smoochies to you my friend.


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  9. Connie, I love the shoe too. That is a great little shelf unit, I've been noticing it in your post. Deb

  10. Hi!
    I found your blog via my aunt's website, a bit of pink heaven.
    I enjoy your writing, it's very upbeat! Great find on the cute shelf It would look cute turned sideways, with 3 vases- one in each section- of cute flowers!
    I enjoyed the blog! Have a great day!


  11. Love those thrift finds! I'm going tomorrow:>0

  12. Connnie what fabulous junkin finds. Pretty little shoe

  13. Sugar is sweet
    and so are You
    Fret not my Spring Robin....

    There are 344 more windows where that one came from, and I have at least ten times that many idears in my head for them. :-)))


    I reckon I oughta photograph my shed full o'windows for my blog, huh?


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