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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Blue Clothespins Bag

I truly hate to admit this but I've almost forgotten how to make these little bags! I thought I had written down instructions but nuuuuuuuu, can't find where I had written them down or made a pattern so it was back to step one. I had to make 2 of them to figure out the dimensions to fit the hanger. Sheeeeeshhhhhhhh...... But I think I've finally got it figured out. This is my little practice one for today. It kind of reminds me of europe with the fabric.

Okay, enough lollygagging - got to go write down the instructions or make a pattern before I forget it again. Oh, btw, I'd keep watching my blog for a couple of days. You just never know what I might do............hmmmmmmmm......... I've giving you fair warning, sweet chicks!!! Hah........ :-)


  1. Hmmm....sonds intriguing, what surprises are you cooking up Connie? Love the clothespin bags, I may have to make one for myself.

  2. OH! That is so~~~ cute, I just love the fabric. Thank-you for sharing how you got started blogging, I enjoyed reading it.

  3. Mmm... Connie what are you up to??
    Love the clothespin bags.

  4. Connie, cute clothespin bag I'm sure I can find something to put in it besides pins though. I don't even have a clothes line. So sign me up. Deb

  5. Hi Connie... I found your blog via Deb! So glad I stopped by... such a fun place! LOL... sure did giggle when I read that you use the word "Lollygag", too! I thought I was the only one who still talked that way... Please come visit me sometime; I'd enjoy that. I'm adding you to my list and looking forward to many more visits... and, for sure will be putting my name into the hat for your give~away!



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