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Friday, June 27, 2008

Anchoring My BR Window

I changed my bedroom window treatment also while hubs was away. (BTW, it's 8:30 pm - 24 hrs exactly since he got home from northern Idaho and he's still not noticed the new curtains in the LR!) Not too too much but I took down some darker draperies I made several years ago and put more sheers up with the lace. I thought it needed a little something and have been experimenting all day with different fabrics and vintage tablecloths and a piece of the most gorgeous fuchsia silk fabric eveeeerrrr to top off the top. I've settled on the middle back Wilendur roses tablecloth in the 2nd photo. I was able to get just enough out of it for a triangle. I'm loving the whiter look in there and everywhere in the house and all the other white shabby chic homes I've seen!!

And hubs doesn't know it yet but our bedroom suite and the oak dining room table and chairs will one day be WHITE!! All in good time, my little rose friends, all in good time. ;-)

And the little wood coat hangers are for sale on my selling blog - La Maison Rose.


  1. Hee-hee! I want a countdown of the amount of time it takes for him to notice the LR hubby is the same way!

  2. Very nice treatments and the cutest hangers! Rachaelxo

  3. Thanks for the visit. Godd luck with all your painting adventures, it's alot of work but it's worth it. I love the tableclothes and your window looks very pretty!

  4. hilarious! i think you should keep the clock ticking and write down when he finally, if ever, notices the new white fresher look!

  5. Hubby's don't seem to care or notice a thing! Mine never notices my's naturally curly and I wear it that way most always and on the days I blow it out...I ask him if he noticed and he says no it looks the same. HA!!! So, of course, he never notices changes around the house either!

    Love your hangers!

  6. Hi Connie, Love the window treatment! I have several vintage hankies that belonged to my grandmother, now I have some ideas as to what to do with them!
    Love the tableclothes as well. But the wooden hangers!!!! TOO CUTE!
    Til next time!

  7. Hi Connie,

    I think most men were hardwired not to notice changes-hehe.

    Looks great.

    hugs to you,

  8. Yea I told my husband if he wants to see any changes in the yard, just go to my blog! Those hangers are cute! I love lace too!

  9. So funny those husbands! Once our middle child went away to an overnight camp for a week--he never even tuned into the fact that she left and on day 3 he commented, "So where is JC anyway?"
    Gotta love 'em! Sometimes it works to our advantage that they don't notice things!

  10. Ohhhh, how pretty! You've been a busy little bee today! My kitchen chairs are being primed to paint white AS WE SPEAK!!! AND DH IS DOING IT!!!! Can ya believe that?

    I'll show before & after pics soon!

    Love you,
    Angelic Accents

  11. I love these tablecloths. The old vintage tablecloths are one of those things I always keep my eyes open for.


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