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Saturday, May 24, 2008

A Rose Room Party!!

Rachel over at The Rose Room is having a "nice to meet you" party in honor of her 100th post! Well, count me in, my little chickadees!! Plus fabulous prizes???? Count me in again! All she is asking is that we share where we do our blogging. Hah....... More like where I spend my LIFE. So here goes.........

This is my office computer room taken from several angles. I have to have beautiful "eye candy" wherever I am - bedroom, kitchen, living room, family room, office and even other words, everywhere in my house. :-)

I have a window seat. (Oh, btw, that dark wood chair is just in there temporarily from hubby's office so we could make room for our daughter and her hubby who are coming for the weekend. It's not usually in there.) My desk is a white cottage shabby chic style one. There is lace on the window, lots of white wood in there and of course roses all over the walls. I do my ebay-ing there, my finances, my blogging, photo shoots for ebay and just about everything.

NOW for the other things Rachel wants us to do - answer a few questions about ourselves.

1. Relationship: Married to Jack for 47 years in June of this year.

2. Children: a daughter and a son and 3 gorgeous grandsons and 1 gorgeous granddaughter.

3. Pets: none. We had a dog who died and I won't get anymore until Jack can have it put down when it needs to be done. He could never do it and I won't do it again so that settles that. He's soooo soft hearted when it comes to his pets.

4. Age: Do I have tooooooo?!?! Okay, 39 and stubbornly holding to that!

5. Star sign: Virgo

6. Favorite food: Pasta or Fish - cooked in a restaurant since I have the lingering smell.

7. Favorite drink: Pepsi or Coke

8. House decor style: Romantic, bit shabby, comfy, frou-frou and a lot "Me" thrown in.

9. Collections: Oooooh, there isn't enough room to list them all, but mostly anything with roses on it and of course, pitchers.

10. How did I get into blogging: Jumped right in and have been loving it ever since! Just decided one day to share my life online. Since I'm addicted to computers - we have 5 - and do not travel anywhere without our 2 laptops, it's easy to keep in touch. All of our kids and grandkids have computers - at least 2 in each family so we're a techie family for sure.

So now just to to Rachels and join in, my sweet little chickadees!!


  1. Good Morning Connie,Your blogging land is beautiful.I am sure you love posting from your beautiful spot.I love reading your blog you update almost everyday.Have fun when Nan & hubby gets there.Love Ya,Jen

  2. Hi Connie, I love your blog posting spot! So pretty! This is such a cute party, I love to see everyone's computer space to get ideas, mine's still in the making.
    Love Ya, Shirl
    Shirl's Rose Cottage

  3. Woo Hoo! Glad you came to the party!

    Did you add some lace to that pretty pink valance recently? I don't remember seeing it before ~ VERY PRETTY!

    I covet your white cottage desk!:0)

    Give Nan & Bill a hug from me when they arrive! I know y'all will have a blast!

    I also spy my blog page on your screen!!!

    Love ya,
    Angelic Accents

  4. I don't think it is possible to have Coke or Pepsi as a favorite drink, it must be one or the other, at least that is the way it is here. My choice would be Coke, but I am on the wagon, no caffeine, no watered down week stuff for me.
    It has been nice getting to know you. Hop over and check out my computer station. No pictures behind my desk please!

  5. Hi Connie, your office/blog space is wonderful. I love the white and it is so you with the pretties all around. Congrats on 47 years. Special accomplishment!!
    hugs, Celestina,
    la rea rose

  6. We have a lot in common! I'm 39 too! And congrats on 47 years. That is so wonderful.

  7. I love your computer area. I want one more like yours. Thanks for stopping by my blog today!!

  8. Hi Connie, your room where you spend your life is gorgeous! Lots of eye candy. Thanks so much for coming to my party:) Rachael

  9. Your area is very pretty~ Can I come over and use your computer!ta!ta!

  10. Connie, I love stopping by to see what's new in your blog. As always, I love your pictures and seeing your lovely home. Thanks for sharing it with us.


  11. You have a whole room?! I have a corner! Thanks for sharing your pretty space.

  12. I blog from my kitchen, sew in my dining room and do photographs in my "studio". Technically, I could do all three in the studio but it's upstairs and the kids are young enough that I still want to be able to keep a watchful eye =) Blessings... Polly

  13. Hi Connie ~ What a fabulous space you have! Your office is very inspiring. Congratulations on 47 years, that's FANTASTIC!

  14. Connie...what a great space you have for your blogging and puter creating that you do. can i get my Blog pictures to show up larger...can't seem to do it.

    Say Hi to Nan....


  15. Hi Connie
    Thanks for dropping by to see me!I thought I'd pay you a visit also. I love all of your roses and especially your rose covered suitcases! I have loads of fabric also. I think I'll try it too! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  16. Oh great job on the coffee filter roses..I watched the video on the Martha Stewart site..Looks like alot of work~~!!! but they turn out lovely...glad I stopped in ..Patty

  17. Hi Connie! I am so happy to meet you! I hope we get to know one another well. I love your blog and will be back often...
    I just love your space. So pretty, so bright and happy.
    What a fun idea this was...

    I loved seeing bits and bobs of your garden and reading some of your *facts*!

    Your filter roses are beautiful!

    I loved reading through your wonderful posts and do want to ask if it is alright that I add you to my blog lists?

    Have a sweet week..


  18. Connie,
    Your blog is SO BEAUTIFUL that's why you are one of my faves!
    How gorgeous your room is~~I dream of such a place!


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