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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

De-Stashing Romantic Victorian Magazines

I've got more magazine than I know what to do with. Some are over 10-15 years old! Sooooo, to the delight of my hubby, I'm selling some on ebay. I don't think any of them are in print any more so that would make them vintage, right?!?!?! :-) Well, probably not, but it definitely makes them interesting. They have gorgeous rose gardens in them and also decorating with roses, actual victorian homes, truly romantic cottages, ways to decorate and lovely shops I would love to visit. In fact, when we go back to California to visit kids in July we'll probably be going to some of these shops! I can't wait. But you wouldn't be disappointed in looking at these magazines. I've only got these 6 on my ebay at the moment but I have many more to put on in the weeks to time allows. Isn't that always the case??? Hah.


  1. stop!!! don't do it girl!!oooh all those wonderful magazines of pure lovely-ness! i have an idea for you...this spring i took all my old magazines and ripped out all the wonderful flea markets,reciepes,ideas,& just things that inspired me and put them in a three ring binder in the clear sleeves! i love it!! when i'm in a bit of a funk or feel blaaaaah...i open it up!! and walllah! pure joy... i now am working on a christmas one and fall! so when its that time of year i can look to be inspired...hope you like the idea...stop by my place cat

  2. I've been wrapping gifts with magazine and book pages lately. I know, craziness! But they do stack up, don't they?!! Blessings... Polly

  3. Hi Connie, you sure have a great collection. They should sell quickly! When you have a moment, stop by my blog and listen to the first instrumental song. It is the song you sent me the music for. I love it and play it all the time on the piano. Thank you again so very much my friend.
    Miss you,
    Celestina, la rea rose

  4. LOL!!! i have piles of magazines i need to get rid of...i need to do the binder thing like "the vintage housewife" that is a great idea!!!

  5. Good morning. I'm surfing around seeing all the goodies. Your blog is always so pretty. Sophisticated Rose Unique Hand Painted Gifts Hugs Winter

  6. Hey, I'm going to check these out. I can't beleive I haven't bid on them already! I NEED magazines! NOT.

    Aunt May's Cottage

  7. I love these magazines, I have them all and have to say these are what first inspired me for a bit of shabby and painted furniture being added to my own home.


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