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Friday, March 14, 2008

Roses & Easter Arrived Yesterday!

Oh my gosh, look what arrived in the mail yesterday for me! Some things I ordered but some were just a "gift" from Rhea and what a surprise. Just meander down and take a look!! I was sooooo excited that I forgot to take pictures until I was reminded. I had already hung some of these things on my lattice (thank you, Miss Rhea! :-) ) so I had to take them all down and put them on the kitchen counter to photograph.

First, there are the parchment roses I ordered from Lori and they are lovely.

Then some little millinery "posies" from sweet Rhea. A "bling" C - my initial, some little white plastic hearts, tags, birds and a cupcake.

Would you just look at these sweet chicks?!?! I call all my gals "chicks" because we really a gaggle of chicks!! Hah! Look that word up and it means: informal or disorderly or noisy group of people. Yep, that's us chicks!! Right on the nose!

Another shot of the little tags.

And theeeeennnnnn we have some sweet little birds in their own little white tissue nest. How cute. And notice how sweetly Rhea wraps them. I think I'm gonna take a clue from that and wrap better when I send something.

Now, the sweetest thing of all!!! A non-caloric cupcake (eye candy for us computer people......hah! I love eye candy!! Isn't he too cute? I've named him Mr. Ed - not after the old show by that name but after sweet Rhea's hubby who is not only a hunk but a really sweet guy......according to Rhea, of course, and she would NOT lie about that, trust me!!

And looooook at this cloche!! It's tiny but so adorable. I just love it because of it's tininess and look of fragility. The rose is under there for now but I'm thinking of other things to go under it also. I'm so glad I got it!

When I first opened the package and saw these I thought they were giant lollipops! Oh, be still my heart......candy?!?! So I opened them up and here's what they actually where. Are they not adorable?!?!?!?! Maybe even better than candy because I won't eat these up. Hah!

And just to keep some of you up to date on my office/crafts room this is how far I've gotten in a week or two. Pathetic, huh??? I'm still working on it though.


  1. Hey, who you callin' disorderly?

  2. Connie, When i got those Chick Cupcake picks I knew YOU were getting one !! lol Our Queen Mother Chick !! Glad you liked all of you chick stuff !!! :) Those roses are BEAUTIFUL !!

  3. Hi Connie, WOW!! your new goodies are eye candy for sure. You lucky chick!! Rhea sent you the best pretties. Looks like your craft room is coming along! You better show a pic when it is done.

    La Rea Rose

  4. Well Connie, you sure cleaned up!! The chick treasures are perfect for you! What did you buy? Love those roses.

    Aunt May's Cottage

  5. Oh, Connie, you got so many wonderful things! The cupcake is adorable, Mr. Ed! lol Your craft room is looking good!

  6. Hi Connie, So nice to see you today. Miss you too. Did you see Jen's Easter swap gifts I have posted under St. Pat's Day? Did a little showcase with her goodies.
    Big Hugs,
    La Rea Rose

  7. Cute stuff. LOL about your craft room. I am sure you have good intentions when you go in to "start organizing" but then get sidetracked and actually start working on projects. Am I right? ;)

  8. I love your pink lamp!! Did you guys make it through the fruitcake?? Laurie


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