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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bunny Plate & Petit Four & Faux Cake!

I just felt like making this petal cake today. Isn't it cheery? This are on ebay also. It made me feel like spring is definitely on the way!

Easter is almost here, chicks and bunnies!! I found this shabby little plate at a boutique in Boise a couple of months ago and couldn't resist buying it. I got a chick one also but I'm keeping it. This bunny plate just went up for sale on my ebay site. BUT the strawberry and petit four are included!!! Not, how can you beat that. It is so cute and cottage looking. I almost hate to part with it but I am.


  1. I just have to cackle! Spring is here and that's something to cackle about. Love your blog, Connie!

  2. Love the petal cake, it's so fresh looking.

  3. The petal cake is spring indeed. Scrolled through the post I'd missed and love that they say "that's lovely" in Ireland. Great roses from Lori.

  4. Oh no Connie! I OF COURSE want it, lol! Dont I want everything though??

    Love ya,


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