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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Vintage Valentine Swap or "I Ate the Bunnies Ears"!!

The bunnies ears are missing!!

No, not entirely true as you can see from these pictures. There isn't a bunny but there is a lot of candy..........uhhhhh, I mean there was a lot of candy - Spokandy - my partner was from Spokane. As you can see from the fifth photo I ate part of the cherry vanilla fudge. I tell you I couldn't wait to get this photographed yesterday so I could delve (a nice way of putting "pig out"!) into that cherry vanilla confection! My mouth was drooling. Well, I just "ate the bunnies ears" on that confection, but I finished off the chocolate heart with the angel on it. Oooooh my it was delish!!!!! I savored and enjoyed it until it sent me running to "la salle de bains" as chocolate has a habit of doing that to me. BUT trust me, it was worth every step there!!

Look at that lovely box Catie made me. All hot fuchsia pink and covered with roses, pearls, lace, netting, sequins, foamy hearts and an embroidered patch with my name on it!! WOW, what a creative chickee she is. Then she added a little wire basket with PINK beads on it. Chocolate fudge, cherry vanilla fudge, 2 little purple danglies, 5 or 6 sheets of ephemera, a beautiful tag, a valentine shaped notepad, a vintage pink and white doily, a little plastic heart with an angel inside, a heart and a hand cookie cutter and some vintage sheets of bingo cards. This chick is soooooo creative and on the ball!! I love everything she sent.

Just look at the close up here of this frou frou-y delight!

The other 3 sides of the box have little glitter foam hearts.

Here we can see where I "nibbled at the bunny ears"!! I've never had cherry vanilla fudge before but it was creamy and smooth and ooohh soooooo good!
Thank you so much to Catiean for this delightful and much appreciate mix of romantic valentines and confections.


  1. What a wonderful swap, Connie!! Lots and lots and LOTS of goodies. It looks delish and the box is sooo clever and cute. Lucky girl!

    Aunt May's Cottage

  2. GORGEOUS Connie!! You lucky girl! I love everything! She did really good for you! I love the millenery rose on that box too!!!

    Love you!

  3. Wow, you are one spoiled Chick !! Lol. Yummy, share the fudge woodya ?

  4. oh my dear sweet connie
    i am so happy you loved your box and goodies. It just kept looking more and more like YOU! I had such fun making it and gathering stuff BUT the most important is making a new friend. I plan on visiting and sending you notes of joy frequently

  5. Connie, what wonderful goodies you got from your swap partner. WOW, what a perfect box and so unique. You deserve it all!
    La Rea Rose

  6. Hi Connie,
    Thought I would stop in and say Hi! Lovely swap! That's funny--you ate the bunnies ears!!


  7. WOW, Connie, what wonderful goodies! Love all the colors! Beautiful!


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