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Thursday, February 21, 2008

French Flowers Gift Wrap Papers

These are absolutely gorgeous papers. I bought one many, many years ago and then found the other one a few years after that. Very hard to find and expensive when you can find them all in one piece. Strangely though the 2 books have differences in the papers. Each book I have has one of the papers missing. I've only used one out of each. I keep them for the beauty but they absolutely can be used. I collected beautiful roses papers at one time but the company I bought them from in Sausalito sold the business and never did quite measure up with the new ownership. I still have some of that wrapping paper and will probably never use it all up. But I'm going to sell one of these books. All the papers are beautiful and I don't think anyone would be disappointed in either book. They are all shiny papers and are 4x the size of the book. They are perforated in. So with knowing that one of the giftwraps is gone and there are only 15 instead of 16, let me know if you'd like to purchase it. I'll be offering it on ebay starting at $25.00 and that's a very good price for the excellent condition of the papers.


  1. Those are beautiful books Connie! I have never seen anything like these! Beautiful for covering boxes and tussies and many other things!


  2. Wow, Connie, I can't believe you would sell these! You are so talented with crafts you could do all kinds of things with them.
    I know, I know, somethings you just have to let go!

  3. They are beautiful papers, I have had one of those books too, and still have some left in it, I've loved using the papers for special projects.


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