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Monday, January 21, 2008

Newest Shabby Apron

This is one of my 5 top all time fabrics. It's a Cyrus Clark shabby roses fabric and I have very little of it left. And since they are out of business it is no longer available. Sighhhhhhhhh.........

So I made this little apron and put it on ebay to sell. If it doesn't I won't be unhappy because I love it so much. But I might also give it as a gift to some deserving person.

I love aprons and wear one when I cook. (Haven't I told you before how I feel about aprons?) Hmmmm....... But my favorite is an old butcher's apron that is sturdy canvas. I wear nice ones when someone comes over to visit. But I just love flowery roses ones.

Most of the pictures I have of my grandma and great grandma have them wearing aprons. Aprons were used to dry dishes, kids hands and faces, carrying potatoes in and green beans picked out of the field just to be snapped for the night's meal. Yes, I remember them. I make mine pretty but utilitarian and useful.

But I've even been known to put them on a peg in my kitchen to just stare at because they're so lovely - "eye candy" for me and my friends. Try one. I know you'll fall in love with them also.

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