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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

My New Year's Apron Giveaway

I love aprons and wear them. They give me "status." I am the cook and stay outta my kitchen!!! Anyway, I have a favorite I wear most of the time but I did a giveaway for the New Year and decided to do an apron. The woman who won it wears aprons also. Her name is Katie and we call her The Hun. (We love her dearly but don't tell her. Shhhhhhh) I let her pick the fabric and she chose a frou frou-y girly pink cabbage roses one and I jazzed it up with a pink stripe, ruffle and ribbon roses. Nothing's too good for our girl!! For Katie I could have put chickens, goats, cats or doves on it and she would have been happy I think. But she's like the rest of us and loves roses and shabby chic type things. I've cut out 3 more aprons to put on ebay soon but they are all different fabrics but all are going to be pink, roses and girly girl, too!!


  1. My favorite! But I am a black with pink rose's gal too. Nice work


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