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Friday, January 25, 2008

Hubby Modeling My Newest Apron!

Okay, so he ain't the hunk that Rhea's hubby is but he's MY hunk! LOL. I asked Jack to model this apron I made on thursday and he was more than happy to do it. NOT!! But being the sweetie he is (and asking me to not get his face in it - I'm guessing that's because his former Marine buddies might recognize him.) - I complied with his wishes.

This one is made of Ralph Lauren strawberries and is a break from my usual shabby chic and roses kind but it's a cute fabric and I like it.

But I have to give hubby a hand........he handles it quite well and isn't suffering any trauma today from the photo shoot. Hah!!!


  1. Connie another beautiful apron. Love all your works sweetie. You are doing great. thanks for sharing this one also.

  2. Oh Jack, I love you! You are such a sweetie :) Connie, give that guy a hug for me! I love the apron too! Who could resist strawberries??


  3. You must have promised him something "special", if ya know what I mean, to get him to do this!! Love the apron.


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