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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Especially for Princess Amy Bunnyrose!

I told Amy I was doing a special one for her today because she is painting her home's main areas yellow. Hubby said he can stand just so much pink and then he would like to see another color! They've decided to go with yellow. So I thought I'd show Amy the possibilities of pink and yellow together. That is my favorite color combo also. So this is for a young woman who lives in a house with 5 boys and a very masculine hubby!

I love pink and especially red, pink and yellow together. This is a shabby little cottage I could move right in to. A bright red sofa with a pink cover thrown over the back, lovely yellow pillows, persian rug and pink walls. But the black and white punctuates the room with "punch" and makes quite a statement certainly. Just lovely. Of course, the pink walls are an added bonus in this gorgeous room.

Black and white is carried over to the dining room in the chair covers with the bottom a black and white check and the tops black and yellow. The pinkish red wallpaper takes it from blah to ah in a snap but the french doors and curtains add to the ambiance here. I love this room. And it just flows easily from the living room to there. The vintage chandelier is an extra special treat to have in that room

While there is a lot of pink in this bedroom, it is also punctuated with the yellow tones in the bed frame and green on the bed quilt. Triple layered bed coverings add to the charm of this cottage. Delightful...........

Would you just look at that chintz teapot?!?! And as a table, some old hat boxes have been used with a touch of a napkin for a topper. Carrying through with the theme of yellow there is a comfy tucked yellow chair and a tiny tea tin on the "table" and little yellow blocks on the windowsill. So charming! I'd be spending my spare time in that chair reading a good mystery or espionage book. :-)

What a view to look at after a day of "franticness"!! Blue skies aren't that familiar on the northwest coast so it's a rare day indeed here. The garden has also the pink, red and yellow color scheme. The blue-gray garden wicker table and chairs adds to the serenity of that outdoor room with the trellis framing it. I think I may do that to our patio out back.


  1. Thank yo so much Connie! This is wonderful! So much inspiration here! I never would have thought to put red in with yellow and pink but it actually looks really good! And I LOVE the romantic bedroom! The wallpaper is beautiful! I also ADORE the corner chair with the gorgeous chintz teapot and yellow chair! I can definitely see something like that in here. You have definitely confirmed for me that we made the right decision to go with yellow!! I am so excited and March just cant come fast enough! Thank you so much again for this beautiful post Connie! I am sure I will refer to it often :)

    Love you lots!
    Princess Bunny :)

  2. I wish I could find a set of those blocks too! Those are adorable! I wonder if she made them?


  3. Once again you have posted some beautiful pics. I am especially in love with that living room one. thanks again for the lovely photos.

  4. Good morning!

    What fun looking at all the pictures you posted! Thanks for visiting my blog and yes, I would love to exchange links with you. Thanks
    Farmchick Tania!!

  5. Lovely !! Love the comfy yellow chair. :)

  6. Wow!! You've really hit on something special with these photos, Connie. This one is SOOOOO AMY! Thanks for sharing your stash of ideas.

    Aunt May's Cottage

  7. Connie, I love all your descriptions of each room!

  8. Connie, truly colors I love and also decorate with. I have a yellow chair and I can agree, it is a wonderful place to curl up with a good mystery. Perfect pics for Amy to enjoy as she is about to start painting. Thank you for the great winter pick me ups you have been sharing this week.

    La Rea Rose

  9. How would have thought that pink, red, and yellow would look so wonderful! Thanks again for the great pics!


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