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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Look What I Found Today!!!!!!!!!!

Jack and I went out antiquing today to find him a desk for his train room. We found one that would have been perfect, but it was SOLD! I thought he was going to cry!

BUT guess what I found?!?! I couldn't believe that tucked way in the back in an obscure corner of an antique store were these tiny little Putz houses! I grabbed them up so quickly I think I created a hurricane in the back of that store. Are they not the most adorable little cardboard houses?! They look a bit "unsophisticated" but I thought they were adorable. I may "jazz" them up a bit and sell them but I'll keep one for me probably. Just what I need - another "thing" to splash around my home.

Then on to another store and look at the little antique bell I found! I'm ecstatic today. Of course, it's going to get a coat of glossy pink paint ( I hate orange!) with some roses on it but I've been trying to find one on ebay and always lose it to someone else and they go up to a pretty high price also! I got this one for a song! I'm on a roll today!! Hah

Oh, yes, once when we went looking for a new car for Jack, guess who got the new car.....yep, moi. But he did get a train sign for his train room!! (She says as she smiles a big smile!)


  1. Connie, you lucky girl to find these great treasures!! I love the houses and the bell will be pretty in pink and roses!!
    You had a great day!!
    hugs, Celestina

  2. Tell Jack not to worry there will be a better one someplace else just waiting for him to take home.

    Be sure to show us your finished project on the houses and bell. I'm with you no orange.


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