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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Paper Roses Giveaway!!

Revision!! I finished another rose today and I altered it a bit. It turned out to be the best rose yet. Sooooo some lucky person is going to get that one also with the 2 other ones above. Let me say that these are truly gorgeous in person.


Fun time!! I love doing giveaways or special auctions on ebay. I keep a list of all the people who want to get notice of the things I auction very cheaply or giveaway. So with that being said here is a giveaway of these paper roses I've been making. No, they ain't perfect that's why I call them Shabby Chic Roses, don't ya know!! Okay, for one week anyone who leaves a comment on this post will have their name put into a hat to receive these from me. As I said, I'm new and practicing so don't get all excited 'bout this, chicks! Hah!! Just comment, name is put in a hat, I draw a name and next thursday I'll post who wins. Can ya handle that??? :-)


  1. Oh they are just beautiful Connie! I would love to have some roses made by you :)

    Love you,

  2. They are gorgeous Connie !!!!! :) Pick me !! lol

  3. Oh COnnie...I just couldn't resist looking anytime it has something todo with roses...They really are soooooooo pretty and pink! You go girl!!!
    Love ya! Lorena

  4. They look so real, you need to sell them so everyone can have a chance to own them.

  5. I love them, Connie, they look real
    the color is so pretty too.


  6. Your roses are almost as beautiful as you are!! Love how REAL they look!! Your clay roses are so pretty, too. Can't wait to see where you adorn those!

    Love you,
    Angelic Accents

  7. Thanks for the pretty did a wonderful job.

  8. Oh Connie, those are so pretty. Thanks for having this giveaway. whoever gets them will sure be some lucky lady. Good luck to all of us my friend.

  9. Miss Connie,
    I think your roses are "Perfect".
    {I thought they were real}

    What a sweet give away!
    I am keeping my fingers crossed!

    Luvs ya, Dolly

  10. Connie, your roses are lovely and I would love to have a few. They look so real. Just gorgeous!!
    hugs, Celestina

  11. Beautiful Roses Connie, I LOVE pink roses. I some real ones for my Birthday :) I just Love the ones you made .



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