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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Making Clay Roses Today!

I love roses whether they're paper, clay, painted, in the garden or whatever; I just love roses. I've started making some of clay today. What fun they are to make!! However, have any of you noticed how hard on your hands this crafting business is? I have no nails to speak of and my hands are so dry I'm having to put lotion on them 10 times a day. But I digress.........

Here are pictures of my first ones. I love shaping them into different styles. It's really not a challenge to do this. The challenge is to find the time! I'm always doing something even if it's taking a break to read. I may paint these but I want to experiment for a day or two until I get enough to put on a little oval wood box I have. I may finish up some of my coffee filter roses today also. I plan on a surprise for some lucky chick though! ;-)


  1. Connie, you have the market on your clay roses. They are gorgeous!!


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