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Saturday, October 20, 2007

I made you smile?!?!?!

I made someone smile!! How sweet is that? I received this award from Bertie and what a sweetheart she is. I cannot believe all this woman accomplishes in a week. It would put me in bed for a month! She is a crafter/sewer/designer extraordinaire! We love her as another PRH sister and you won't want to miss seeing her "cottage", which displays her "decoratingness"!! She's fantastic!


  1. You make ME smile !! :) Hey, I left you an award on my Blog too. :)

  2. CONNIE! I gave you this award too :) In fact I gave it to all the PRH sisters :)

  3. Congratulations!

    And I went over to Bertie's and she has a lovely blog.

    Photos-City-Mine is one of my 4 blogs


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