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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

My Heart is So Humbled Tonight!

My heart is so very full today from what I received in the mail - an unexpected "surprise" gift from someone. It's always astonishing to me the gifts I receive. I never ever expect any but I am so blessed to have been given so many things unexpectedly. This is from a lady who I've been helping with her computer. She is a delightful woman and we communicate via instant messaging frequently. But when I got my mail today and saw this I was thunderstruck! What an adorable little house!! She said it is from an aunt of hers and every time she looked at it she was reminded of ME. Can you imagine?! I am so overwhelmed tonight thinking of her. And it always so nice to know someone thinks of me.

Now, the card is another thing entirely different. She enclosed 2 cards and the one pictured here is from an Amish friend of hers. (I seem to have come across a few women lately who live near and associate with the Amish!) Anyway, this card was NOT computer generated. The lady made it with stamps and cut outs of roses she has glued on. My instructions from this lady are to send it to someone I love. I have many women I love dearly and it'll be a challenge to know who needs it most at the moment but I'll do as she requests. I'd absolutely love to keep it but I can't. I shall, however, scan it to keep a beautiful remembrance of this sweet lady. She isn't "into" blogs and will never read this but she'll definitely be remembered by me! And sweetly, of course. :-) Gosh, what a full heart I have tonight!!


  1. Connie what a beautiful house. I must say knowing you as I do it does remind me you you.

    The card would be so hard to part with, boy what a test this will be. It's so beautiful. You are truly blessed and such a blessing to others.

  2. You are loved! no surprise to me.


  3. Oh Connie, what beautiful gifts! How very sweet. I love that house! And the card is gorgeous! How talented!!

    Isnt it wonderful being loved??

    Love ya :)

  4. You must know in your heart, my dear, that someone is ALWAYS thinking of you! You are always giving so much of yourself to everyone, it can't be helped!

    That little house is really very YOU. It's so darling!! What's it made of? So detailed. And, that card is just wonderful.

    You are very loved, my friend.

    Aunt May's Cottage

  5. Connie, what a beautiful card and house from the dear women you have been helping. You have been a blessing to her and what a special way to say and give her appreciation. You deserve it very much for all you do. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Thank you all but I don't deserve anything; I'm just simply and truly blessed to have all of you.

  7. Connie, you are such a Blessing to everyone around you. I am so thankful to have met you. That little house does remind me of you as well. You deserve it lady !!

  8. What a pretty little cotttage! It looks like a David Winters cottage to me! Just adorable & SOOO like you! No wonder it reminds her of you. And such a pretty card from your friend! Such sweet thank yous for a true sweetheart!!

    Angelic Accents

  9. Oh connie, I bet it is so exciting to receive things in the mail especially something this pretty. What a truly lucky lady you are.

  10. The blog world is chock full of the nicest people!

  11. Hi Connie, I have tagged you for 7 random things about you that no one knows. Go to my blog to see.
    Hugs, Celestina


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