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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Sassy & Saucy 50s Glam Tags!

The first photo is what came in the mail today as a gift I won from Bertie of auntmayscottage! Oh, it is so gracious and gorgeous. Thank you, Bertie. It was a combined package of a drawing I won and a gift for the anniversary of our group I started a year ago. I just love the women in our group. They are ALL so wonderful.
The last 2 photos are some "glitz and glam from the 50s" tags I did today. Pretty roses fabric, feathers, buttons, porcelain roses, ribbon roses, snippets of lace and snippets of yarns and rick rack. I think my next ones will be paper though. I think I'm gonna like paper better than fabric.


  1. Connie, the gifts from Bertie are just gorgeous! You are so lucky to have been the winner! And the Medallions are beautiful! I want to get some for curtains. Our group is the best and we are so grateful to you for starting it!

    Your tags are beautiful!!! Are yoe seeling them? The tea cups and roses fabric is one of my favorites! Great job Connie!


  2. Wow Connie , you are branching out! Tags, roses...who can keep up! Have fun.

  3. Your tags are lovely! Is there anything you CAN'T do? Have you tried scanning fabric and making a copy of that. I've done that for my granddaughter's doll house to use for wallpaper. You can adjust the size to whatever you need then.

    Aunt May's Cottage

  4. Oh my gosh Connie your tags are truly fantastic. Love them so much.

    Bertie does such a nice job on her works of art. I think I need to get one of those pretty shades.

  5. The tags turned out great, so pretty. Congrats on PRH one year anniversary!!!

  6. That is so lovely !! Great job Bertie !! And how sweet you are !! Connie , I love those tags !! I am turning into a Tag-o-holic !!

  7. Beautiful lamp, Bertie. Connie you lucky girl! The tags are so cute, I didn't realize PRH was one year old already! congrats!
    Love the mosiacs too!


  8. Hello, What lovely tags.. and such a very beautifull blog!~Mary~:-}

  9. LUCKY LUCKY you to have won one of Berties creations!
    She is awesome!!!!

    Wow Miss Connie...your tags are beeeeutiful!!!
    You are such a talented lady!

    Luvs ya, Dolly

  10. The gifts from Bertie are so beautiful & you are so very deserving of them!

    Love your tags, especially that little teapot tag!! Wonderful job you are doing!!

    Angelic Accents


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