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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I Love Pink Roses and Truffles

Three different views of this beauty. This is the big white rose from below. I painted it pink and added more petals and then tipped the petals with a magenta pink edge. Beautiful. They take a bit of labor to finish. Cutting, painting, attaching! I may not make a lot of them but I'm giving a few to people I care for or people who just need a boost at this time. :-)
I'm making some tags for a tag swap and I'm also making something for a pumpkin swap. Ever see a pink pumpkin?? Well, this one's gonna be!


  1. Your roses are gorgeous. Is there a post where you showed how to make them. I love anything rosey! I'm so glad I stopped by!

  2. I haven't posted how to make them anywhere but I'll send you an email if you'd like me to.

  3. Connie, that is the best one yet! You are becoming a pro! If you were to sell a bouquet on your site, I would buy it in a heartbeat!!

    Love and hugs,

  4. Wow, yours look beautiful! I love how soft your colors turned out. I didn't give mine a base coat of white, maybe I should have!


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