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Saturday, June 2, 2007

Roses & Chocolate Cupcakes

I make these cupcakes today for a picnic at hubby's in 92 degree weather!! Yikes! Anyway, I put them on the table to cool and lo and behold, they were next to the roses Jack picked from the garden earlier in the week. And we all know that I cannot pass up a photo opportunity if it involves roses and food - ummmm, especially chocolate. Fool that I am. Well, off to the picnic. :-)


  1. Yum! Except I am so craving a donut! I am curious, what is the lovely tablecover under the cupcakes? Lori

  2. Lori, that is a quilt actually covered with cheap plastic for when I "paint or craft." Put quilts on as table cloths, chickadee. I have a "glut" of them!!! Connie

  3. Connie, I'll be over to snitch one of those yummy, gooey cupcakes!

  4. How could anyone resist such a photo op?!? No way! Thank you for not resisting. :-)

    And I 'hear-you'... about making the cupcakes in 92 degree weather. It wasn't quite 92 here yesterday but it was warrrrrrrrrrrrrm, and we made the first Rhubarb Pie of the season. :-)

    But, it was worth it. I'm sure your cupcakes were also.


  5. Thanks so much Connie!! I have added you to my favorite blogs list! I am so jealous of your sites and love everything:) You are an inspiration!!


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