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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Ritual of the Bedroom

I've finished with the laundry room. Aren't you glad?!?! Hah. Now, no more saga of the "decorating of the laundry room." In a couple of weeks we get our new solar tube. But the above little clothes pin holder is something I whipped up to "hold my clothes pins!"

Let's talk about going to bed! Hah, that got your attention, huh? I believe preparing for bed should be a ritual. My ritual is taking time to read before going to bed to sort of "key" down. I have to do this. If we go out for an evening, I must read or relax before going to bed. It is essential for me. I then turn down the bed. That in itself is a wonderful little ritual - turn down the covers, fluffing the pillow, turning on my sound machine, taking off my clothing and my watch. Then I brush my teeth. We sleep with a fan on in the warmer months so I make sure it is turned on. Then my hubby reads to me for a few minutes. Then we snuggle and go to sleep. Some of you might like to set out your nightgown or pajamas. Sometimes listening to old music might be something you like to do. I like it very dark when I sleep. Only one little night light in the hallway is on so when I get up for a drink I don't trip over something. But I take pride in being a feminine woman and making our bedroom our own private sanctuary. It is a frou frou-y type room.

Visualize your bedroom and think how you could make it more attractive to you and your hubby. My personal opinion is that kids should not be allowed to sleep in their parents beds. It is a marriage bed and only for husband and wife - your own personal place.


  1. Happy Mother's Day, Connie Sue!

    I've been thinking about just this thing lately, making our room more inviting, taking time to make it special. We JUST got our 18 month old sleeping in his own bed....much to the happiness of my husband. You're right, it's not really good to have kids permanently sleeping with ya! We both sleep so much better now....well, hubby does, I have to get up 27 times a night to put him back in his bed, but whatever. Anyway, great post, love the clothes pin bag!

  2. Great clothespin back, now I need to make one of those!! I too have a pink frou-frou bedroom and find it so immensely relaxing!

  3. I have let kids sleep with us on very rare occasions...especially after my second son was hit by a car and needed some extra 'mommy time.' (That was 1994-he's a fine, healthy 20-year-old now.) But I agree it shouldn't be something you do all the time. Of course, my youngest is now it's been a while since we even cuddled with a book!
    I like it really dark to sleep, too! We have room-darkening shades. My room isn't frou-frou-y at all. But I like my aqua walls and my white looks like clouds against the sky. And the marriage bed, well...we've had this one about 12 years. It's our 3rd one in 26+ years of marriage--a king-sized waterbed. We have four kids. 26 years...4 kids...I guess it really is a 'marriage' bed, LOL!

  4. Beautiful post Connie! And it is all so true. I dont take enough time to enjoy the ritual of going to bed but I am going to start now. Lots of fluffy soft pillows Connie! That is what I want to make my room more of a retreat! And you have so many beautiful ones and a SALE right now!!!! What will I do??

    Love ya,


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