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Friday, May 25, 2007

In Praise of Solar Tubes!!

These are the very last pictures of the redoing of the "infamous" laundry room. I promise!! :-) We finally got our solar tube installed and it is incredible!! I simply love it! And it was really very clean to put in. I mean I didn't even have anything to clean up. WOW!! As I've said, the room is a pass through from garage to a hallway and it was dark. I would have to have a light on in there to see anything. Well, both of these pictures were taken with no lights on or even flash. Just natural sunlight at about 11:30 am streaming in from the tube in the ceiling you see in the first picture. Okay, done! Now, we can start talking about other "eye candy" stuff from now on.


  1. Wondering what a solar tube is? Will check back in your entries, you may have explained.

    And please don't feel you should not show pictures of your newwwww laundry room. Show away. I so want one!!!! Sooooooo wantttttttttttt.

    I'll be glad to live vicariously through yours!!!!! And glad to look at pages and pages of pictures! :-)


  2. I've added a couple of more pictures taken this morning about 6:30 am (so sun isn't up yet) for you to see up close. A small "top" is put on the south side of house or as near to the top as possible to catch the sun. It is 10-14" and then tubes are run to where you want it in house (laundry room) and a 10-14" hole is cut and then a diffuser is put on at the ceiling point of the tube. I tell ya, you cannot look up into it without the diffuser cuz it's like looking at the sun! The diffuser does help but it just like having sun in there. Surprisingly it isn't hot though. A kit is then put in for light at night, but it's spring/summer now so we don't need it at all. We are getting moonlight in there! Probably will use light switch more in winter. But it took him 2 hrs to do it. Very clean, fast and efficient. Everyone on their local commercials just love them and the company has said they have never had a leak in 15 years of doing it! That was a plus also. We had a skylight in California that leaked and gave us fits for a while.

  3. Looks nice and bright. Your laundry room looks really cute too.

  4. Wow, that solar tube is really nice. If I had a laundry room that pretty, I'd be showing photos too!

  5. Is really light! I love solar tubes, I have couple in my house.
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