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Monday, April 30, 2007

Luscious Cakes & Yummy Kisses!

I made this little petal cake because it is so stunning when put on a coffee table on a gorgeous cake stand. I found that cake stand recently at a boutique for $10.00!! What a deal. Now, I couldn't pass it up, could I? But I've given much thought as to what I'd put on it. Then a friend gave me a wonderful idea. I'm making some more today along with some more birdhouses covered with fabric until I learn how to paint properly.

When Holly posted those tiny baby feet it made me smile because I love babies - ALL parts of them: feet, fingers, tummies, bottoms, but especially their little cheeks and lips. You can kiss those little lips and there's nothing they can do about it! I remember kissing my own kids little puckery lips as babies. As a matter of fact, I still kiss my kids and grandkids on the lips. Kids are 45 and 44 yrs. old and grandkids are 27 to 9 1/2 yrs old. See, they're never too old or too young to kiss those little lips/faces off!!


  1. Ohhhh just precious!


  2. Ohh Connie that cake turned out beautiful.... as everything you make does!!!!!

    You are so right about kisses.....
    I love KISSES and HUGZ!!!!
    I LOVE kissin my hubby, kids and those grandbabies!!!!
    Lil Miss Emma has the chubbiest cheecks... perfect for kissin & squeezin!!!!

    HOORAY for yummy KISSES!!!!!

    XO, Dolly

  3. Connie, I'll be so sad the day my boys don't pucker up and smooch me right on the lips anymore! My son will take my face in both his hands, look me straight in the eye, as seriously as he can, and say "you're the best mom in the world, mama." then kiss me right on the lips and hug my neck as tight as he can. *sigh* the good stuff. Your cake is lovely, as is your outlook on life!

  4. No need to be sad. My son and daughter still do it to me and Jack! Granddaughter and grandsons also. We're a kissing family. Wouldn't have it any other way, sweets........Connie

  5. made a petal cake! Yeah for you! It looks scrumptiously lovely.


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