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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Since we're talking about birthdays, I thought I'd post a bit of ephemera for you. I was born during the war and my father was on a ship in the Pacific Ocean. He didn't see me until I was 18 months old, but that is what happens when men go off to war to fight for their country, our freedoms and their loves ones. This was the telegram he received several days after I was born. With this, I salute all of those brave young men and women who are fighting for my freedoms at this time. This family salutes you!! You are always in our prayers and we wish you success wherever you are.


  1. Connie how special! You have so many special things from the past and they just can't be replaced can they!

  2. Beautiful, Connie. I can't imagine how your father must have longed for you all that time! Wow.


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