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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Laundry Room

What in the world can you do with a small laundry room that is a passage way from the garage to the hall?! I am trying to get it to look "unlaundry." I've put some of the laundry stuff into a pink-painted wicker basket and hung one picture over the washer. But I need to do some more decorating. I've had some old redwood from the house we moved from 2 years ago. It is truly vintage redwood. It came from the fascia board and is all "rugged/ragged" looking but I love those kind of things. Imperfection is a sign of humility. I had to paint it 7 times to get the paint to stick. And I am the one that tells friends to always prime before painting. Do I not listen to myself?!?! And I love the way I got the ink on the decoupage lettering to smear more and give it that vintage look. Some of the "vintageness" does show through the white paint also. Cute.


  1. Ohhh Connie that sign is soooo pretty!
    I love it!
    You should make some for your web site!

    Hugz, Dolly

  2. Now there's a thought!! Seriously, I was thinking about it, but that wood is truly "chippy, distressed" and not sure if they would sell. But I might!! Thanks, sweet lady. Connie

  3. Connie, that is so cute! I just love it! Oh you should see my laundry is so ugly...definatly on my to do list to make it look pretty. A girl should be able to look at something pretty while doing that dreaded laundry, right?


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