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Friday, March 23, 2007

I love potholders!

One of the things in life we take for granted are potholders. I love them. My favorite is a cherry print one I made from scraps. I can make them better than the ones bought at WM or KMart or the dollar store. They're so thin and poorly made. I collect a few that people send me. A sweet lady named Nancy sent me 3 of the cutest I've ever seen. They are the crocheted ones above. One looks like a pair on women's undies! Too cute. But they are truly wonderful potholders and work extremely well. Maybe I'll hang them on the walls or something; my drawer is overflowing with them. I think they multiply during a full moon!! Shhhhhhh...........


  1. The crochet ones at the bottom are really cute!!I love pot holders too!!Emmie

  2. These are the BEST potholders I've ever used. I bought a pair as a gift for my mother. Now I wish I had kept them. I'll soon be buying more. They're big and thick, but not bulky. Quilted and so pretty. Funny mom won't USE them for fear they will get stained! She actually hangs them from tea-cup hooks on a mirror in her dining room! YES. THEY ARE THAT CUTE.


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