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Thursday, March 22, 2007

On decorating

Decorating is one of my passions - one of many! I'm a "passionate" person in that I have intense feelings about most things I do. Guess you wouldn't know anything about that, hmmmm? Know what I mean here? Loving furniture store catalogs as I do, this one had the epitome of my all time favorite living room. The catalog was lost for some time during our move a couple of years ago and I was devastated. But I finally found it. It has so many patterns in this room and I'm a "pattern" sort of woman. More pattern would be even better for me. I dream of rooms like this.


  1. So beautiful, Connie. *sigh* don't you love dreamin?

  2. Ok I had to go into your ARCHIVES to find this post!!! and you started your blog how many days ago??

    beautiful room!!

  3. Yikes, I'm in "archives" already?!?!?! Thank you for looking and commenting.


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